5 Tips for Planning a Siesta Key Wedding

Planning a Siesta Key wedding involves a number of intricate steps for the perfect day. Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable for all the right reasons, which is why a Siesta Key wedding is among the more popular options available. The open air provides a certain intimacy combined with beautiful ambiance, giving beach weddings their unique classy appeal. When planning a beach wedding, it’s important to understand that the necessary steps are different than planning a traditional church or indoor wedding.

1. Discover Your Style

Talking to each other during the wedding planning process is the first step to having a successful marriage. It’s important to agree that a beach wedding is the right wedding for the couple and for the family. After it has been determined that the wedding will happen on the beach, the couple will need to decide on the right time of day. A Florida afternoon in July is the worst time to have a ceremony on the beach, as it is the hottest part of the day. Many couples will have the ceremony at sunset to provide for a gorgeous back drop and to allow the reception to continue into the night.

2. Research Wedding-Friendly Beaches

The type of sand, the rockiness of the beach, availability, clarity of the water, and the overall appearance of the beach must all be considered. It is a good idea to visit beaches before choosing one for the ceremony. Most couples begin by gathering a list of their favorite beaches, then calling Florida officials to find out if that beach is available for ceremonies. Many beaches, such as Crescent Beach, allow weddings, however, it’s wise to not fall in love with a location before making sure it can be reserved. The beach must be able to accommodate all guests and any possible decorations desired by the couple.

3. Find the Right Reception Location

The right reception location is often on the same beach where the ceremony took place. This convenience is one of the reasons why couples choose to be married on the beach. However, if the reception will take place at a location other than the beach, it’s important to make sure the venue has the facilities to accommodate a high number of beach-goers. For example, when wedding guests walk into the venue with sand on their shoes, will the sand make the dance floor slippery? It is essential to make sure the reception location works well with a beach wedding.

4. Be Sure to Secure a Beach Wedding Permit

The name of the town in which the beach lies is important in planning the wedding. The couple will need to ask town officials if a permit is necessary. There are no private beaches in Florida through state law, so getting a semi-private beach is the best possible scenario. However, it might be possible to rope off a section of the beach, so check with the officials. If permits are necessary, find out what types of permits will need to be purchased, such as alcohol permits or right to gather permits. Make sure all the permits are purchased in advance to avoid last minute surprises.

5. Siesta Key Weddings Are a Popular Choice

Siesta Key has some of the world’s best sands and clearest waters. This makes it one of the most popular wedding destinations around the globe. Many couples choose this area for its spectacular views and its ability to accommodate an exquisite reception. Places such as Sea Shell Condo provide the perfect wedding location with private access to Crescent Beach, giving the couple a number of options for wedding arrangements. Many weddings happen on Florida beaches for good reason, especially in gorgeous Siesta Key on the amazing Crescent Beach.