Point of Rocks on Siesta Key

It’s no secret among Florida locals that the Siesta Key Point of Rocks is one of the best snorkeling experiences and ocean attractions in the Sarasota area. As the perfect spot for snorkeling, scuba diving or taking a scenic stroll by the water during a Siesta Key vacation, there are multiple ways that a visitor can enjoy this small yet beautiful and intriguing area.

Located at the far southern end of Crescent Beach, the Point of Rocks separates Crescent Beach and Turtle Beach. Point of Rocks gets its name from the many limestone ledges and rocks that jut out into the translucent tropical waters. The waters are clear and shallow here, and a wide range of tropical fish species and types of other marine life gather, feed and swim about in the crevices and rock formations.

The calm waters and mild temperatures make this beach perfect for swimmers and snorkelers of all experience levels. Offering a very different experience compared to the main public beaches on the island, snorkelers at the Point of Rocks can marvel at the wildlife that they are able to get up close and personal to – from colorful exotic tropical fish to shorebirds, and maybe even catching dolphins frolicking in the Gulf further out.
Getting There

The access for Point of Rocks is located at 6900 Point of Rocks Road. The pathway to the beach is somewhat hidden. You will see a gravel path lined with lush tropical greenery that is tucked between two of the expansive residential homes. Follow the path down to the end to be greeted with the beachfront and the Point of Rocks.

You can also simply hike south from Crescent Beach to reach the Point of Rocks, which is the natural barrier between Crescent and Turtle Beach. Luckily for Sea Shell Condominum guests, the Point of Rocks is accessible just a short walk away! While staying at Sea Shell Condominium you’ll be able to enjoy the Point of Rocks as much as you want with its close proximity.

As with any popular Siesta Key attraction, there are dozens of eager beach-goers that also want to revel in its beauty on any given day. Normally this would be okay, but unfortunately the area is notorious for a lack of parking. The only nearby lot is Beach Access 12, just north of Stickney Point Bridge with 20 parking spaces.

The best time to try to snag a spot is very early in the morning, which also happens to be an ideal time for snorkeling or scuba diving. We recommend you leave the car at home and enjoy the walk down to the Point of Rocks rather than trying to drive there, especially if you’re close by.
Nearby Attractions

As it is surrounded by a quiet residential area, there are few restaurants located in the immediate vicinity of the Point of Rocks. A short walk or trolley ride north on Midnight Pass Road and you’ll find pleasant bars where you can sit outside and enjoy a cold beverage, excellent restaurants serving up fresh local produce, and interesting stores to explore. Don’t miss the natural beauty and wonder of Point of Rocks during your next Siesta Key vacation!