The Charm of the Siesta Key Drum Circle

siesta key drum circle

The Siesta Key Drum Circle is a longstanding spontaneous musical tradition, rain or shine, on the sparkling white sands of Siesta Beach, just a short distance from our condo rentals.

This weekly experience is top addition on any Siesta Key things to do list with its eccentricity and distinct uniqueness. Complete with its own Facebook and YouTube pages, this always-free event has become more than just an attraction; it is now part of Siesta Key’s culture.

If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself on Siesta Key during any weekend, make sure to drop by the drum circle Sunday at around dusk on Siesta Beach, even if it’s just for a few minutes before grabbing dinner at a family-friendly restaurant in the Village.

Started in 1996

The history of the drum circle now dates back decades. It began in 1996 as a group of people just hanging out on the beach with their instruments. Their intentions were not to put on a show or make money; they only aimed to enjoy each other’s musical skills. This began a tradition that has lasted until today, with people of all backgrounds showing up to participate in the musical and (some say) spiritual experience.

Every Sunday, the drum circle is held on Siesta Beach between lifeguard pavilions 3 and 4. The idea behind the event hasn’t changed over all the years. Every week, people come together to simply celebrate life, play music, and enjoy the beautiful beach views.

A Spontaneous Event

People from all walks of life attend this gathering, which has never become commercialized. It remains a simple get-together of everyone who wants to share their talents. A hula-hooper attending college might perform, while a retired schoolteacher clad in tie-dye clothing accompanies her on the drums while children dance and play.

The idea of the drum circle is the fluidity of the people. There are no angles or straight lines; this is a free-flowing event that welcomes the most interesting people into its fold.

The only rule is to be nice to each other, and respectful of everyone’s ideas – the golden rule! Some people visit just once during their travels, while others have been an integral part of the ceremony since the beginning.

Welcome to All

What began as a simple gathering of music lovers has turned into a tradition that welcomes all people without judgement. If you want to bring your drum or instrument with you and get into a groove, you’re welcome. You might meet up with someone who shares your vision and enjoy an impromptu jam session.

If you have no instrument but enjoy laid-back music on the beach, you’re welcome to participate or view anyway. The idea is that everyone is invited, and everyone is warmly welcomed. Simply wander into the gathering, and then wander out at your own discretion. You’ll be accepted no matter how long you choose to stay.

When the main idea is acceptance, there are no regulations regarding spiritual practices or discussions. It is simply a group of people getting together for the sake of music and friendship. Some people dress up as Native Americans or represent different types of spirituality, but it is certainly not a necessity.

Some say the nearly pure quartz white sand of Siesta Key has “healing” properties to add to the mystique of it all. Whether it does or not, the music of the drum circle is sure to help you unwind and relax after a day of excitement on the island.

Don’t Miss the Drum Circle

Head out from your vacation condo rental about an hour before sunset every Sunday to enjoy the happenings at the Siesta Key Drum Circle. It is one of Siesta Key’s more interesting things to do, it’s free, and it is a family-friendly event. The welcoming atmosphere means you will find plenty of people to socialize with.

The people who attend this gathering regularly are colorful and inspirational, so get ready for a memorable time. Be sure to bring your camera to commemorate your trip to this impromptu meeting-turned-tradition, and share your memories with everyone at home.