Siesta Key Family Friendly Beach

What makes Siesta Key Beach a family friendly beach?

Planning a family trip to Siesta Key consists of finding things to do that include the whole family. When families range from young to old, finding the right activities is often a challenge. However, Siesta Beach on Siesta Key holds a range of beautiful advantages, making it a fit for all types of families. The activities found on this beach are plentiful, from swimming and walking, to watching the amazing wildlife. It is the perfect beach to spend the day, or a few days, if the family prefers.

White Sand Under the Toes

Siesta Beach is often labeled the best beach in the world by visitors, and it is one of the best places to spend quality time with the family. It does hold itself to high standards, especially with its silky white sand that feels wonderful under the feet. The Florida sun often cooks the sand on other beaches, making it hot and unpleasant for beachgoers. The sand here, however, reflects the sun thanks to its pale color, making this one of the best possible walking beaches. Visitors of all ages appreciate the ability to play on sand that does not burn the skin. Walk along this serene Siesta Key beach with the kids, feel the soft sand under your feet, and enjoy the peaceful feel of the water as it moves up the coast.

Easy Swim with Clear Water

Swimming in the water here is one of the easiest activities, because the waves break further away from the coast and the water maintains a clear consistency. Visitors delight at being able to see a variety of fish in these waters. Many families snorkel here if they know how, while others sit back to enjoy viewing the wildlife. The water is host to a number of fascinating animals to watch, including pelicans in the sky and sand dollars near the shore. Parasailing is one of the more popular things to do here, as is relaxing in the water, which is only a few feet deep in some places. Spending an afternoon in the water is a favorite family activity thanks to the ease of the swim and the clarity found here. Kids of all ages are able to enjoy playing on this beach, which is one of the most family-friendly beaches available in Florida.

Lifeguards on Duty and Concessions on Demand

The amenities on this beach are unsurpassed by others. The lifeguards on duty ensure the safety of the whole family, while the concession stands help keep the family going all day. The free parking lot serves nearly 1,000 cars, making travel to this beach convenient. There are a number of covered picnic tables to serve lunches brought in or purchased on the beach, and the full service bathrooms are continuously kept clean. Unlike other beaches found on Siesta Key, this beach aims to please and provides the best possible comfort to all visitors.

Nearby Siesta Village

If a full day on the beach is not a family’s desired vacation, nearby Siesta Key Village provides a nice break from the sand and surf. The Village is home to a number of different shops, restaurants, and services to accommodate everyone. Many families stop by here for a sit-down eating experience, window shopping, and souvenir shopping before leaving the beach for the day. It is an ideal place to walk around, enjoying each other’s company, and browsing the interesting window displays. Stop into any shop to pick up some fun souvenirs, purchase amenities, or let someone else cook dinner for the family. Even if a family doesn’t want to shop, this quaint village provides a safe place to walk around off the beaten path.